Teaching remotely - Coronavirus outbreak


Information on the Coronavirus Epidemic (in France)

Go read regularly the https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus page of the French government, as well as your own government. And reading a local newspaper (e.g. in France: https://www.lemonde) is also a very good idea!

TL;DR: Basic advices: in a situation like this pandemic and COVID crisis, even more than usual, we all have to be exemplary citizens. Be smart, be nice, be good. We all have to be careful and cautious, about our own health and the health of everybody else, but no only the physical health but also the well being and psychologic health. Work seriously and well, while taking care of yourself and your closed ones (friends, family, colleagues, comrades, neighbors, etc.). Maintain a good rhythm for your daily life (sleep, alimentation, sport, and reasonable usage and time of numerical entertainment and work), and don’t be afraid to be extra helpful, especially towards the more fragile and older people.

Here are some details and tips, before I talk more in depth about how the COVID and coronavirus crisis has influenced my teaching activities below:

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  • 🇫🇷 In French, this song is quite funny as well, to learn about the anti-COVID gestures that we can all apply to save lives! Je donne aussi des blagues en français sur cette page.

Working from home because of the Coronavirus outbreak

As of Friday 13rd of March 2020, my colleagues and I at ENS de Rennes were asked to start working from home.

Update : since we started working at the end of August 2020, everything so far has been in presence, as usual.

Update : since end of October 2020, everything so far has been in fully remote.

Update : since January 2021, everything so far has been in fully remote, except at most one day a week (or two half-days).


This page is only describing MY point-of-view, it is NOT officially from the point of view of my employer.

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I am describing in French in this webpage how I will (try my best) to teach remotely, during this special moment !

Link to the XKCD comic https://xkcd.com/2282/

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