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Information about the coronavirus outbreak, and how it affects me, and my teaching activities : please read this webpage : coronavirus.en.html, I am updating it twice a week (as of 13/03/2020).

Greetings! I am Lilian Besson, a former student in Mathematics and Computer Science at ENS de Cachan.

From August 2019, I am now a junior professor (agrégé) at ENS Rennes, in charge of the class preparing the « agrégation » national exam, with a major in mathematics and a minor in computer science, level M2, and in charge of lectures for introduction and advanced algorithms.

I am also an associate researcher with the PANAMA team at IRISA and INRIA Rennes. My research interests lie between sequential learning, tensor decomposition, cognitive radio, Python and open source software, and other directions.

Between September 2016 and August 2019:

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  1. by email at this adress Lilian.Besson@ENS-Rennes.fr, or besson at crans.org:

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The last three years (2016-19)

  • I was doing my PhD. Please read this page to learn more! I now hold a PhD in telecommunications. My PhD thesis is here and the slides used for my defense are there.

In 2015-16

Studies and past jobs

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  1. either with my Bitbucket account Bitbucket.org/lbesson;

  2. or my Github account GitHub.com/Naereen;

  3. or on my personal Wikipedia page User:Naereen.

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