A short blog-roll list

This page lists all blogs I have been reading in the last few years, sorted by categories.

Feel free to suggest me anything !


I subscribe to each of these blogs using RSS, and not social media like Facebook and Twitter. RSS is an old but efficient standard, and it allows you to receive automatically the updates on a website, a blog, etc, without being tracked by said website or by your app or social media. If you are curious, please read Why I Still Use RSS, by Marc on atthis.link (2021-02).


This list, like all lists on my site, is probably not perfectly up-to-date. Sorry, I’m just a human! It is maintained manually, and I try to improve it and complete it regularly, at least once a year. I do not want to set up a list of RSS feeds in my Thunderbird subscriptions, although it is possible to export this as an OPML file, Because some of these flows are not intended to be public.

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This other page list My YouTube subscriptions (unfortunately, it is no longer possible to receive as RSS feeds): what-i-watch-on-youtube.en.html.

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