Neven Villani (Vanille)


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  • Pytrace (Rust), able to render videos and high-quality images, also available as a Python library
  • COCass (OCaml), native compiler for a small C without floating-point arithmetic, but with added exception handling
  • Forklang (C), a small non-deterministic language to validate parallelized protocols
  • Billig (Rust) is a DSL to record expenses, ergonomic enough for my current daily usage but still a work in progress
  • Talks

    Hysteresis in a model of thermohaline oceanic circulation

    Should have been used for the 2020 TIPE oral exam

    Recognition of Dynamic Unit Disk Graphs

    Following an intership with Arnaud Casteigts at LaBRI (France).
    Presented at AATG 2021 (online).
    [video] [beamer] [report]

    Mending Partial Solutions with Few Changes

    Following an internship with Jukka Suomela and Darya Melnyk at Aalto University, Finland
    Published at OPODIS 2022 (Brussels, Belgium).
    [arxiv] [paper (author's version)] [paper (publisher's version)] [beamer]

    Tree Borrows, an aliasing model for Rust

    with Ralf Jung and Derek Dreyer at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Germany
    Presentation at Rust Formal Methods Interest Group [beamer] [implementation] [model] [recording]


    Some various tools I like and frequently use.
    zathura (pdf viewer) [Official] [ArchWiki] [Arch]
    mpv (video player) [Official] [ArchWiki] [Arch]
    bat (cat) [GitHub] [Crates]
    skim (fuzzy file finder) [GitHub] [Crates]
    starship (shell prompt) [Official] [GitHub] [Crates]
    ripgrep (grep replacement) [GitHub] [Crates]
    tealdeer (tldr client, short man pages) [GitHub] [Crates]
    tokei (count lines of code) [GitHub] [Crates]
    hyperfine (benchmarking) [GitHub] [Crates]