Dominique Malicet
Professor of Mathematics at the University Paris-Est Marne la vallée (UPEM)
email: dominique.malicet[at] ; dominique.malicet[at]

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[Curriculum vitæ]

Main domains of research: Dynamical systems&ergodic theory, Probabilities

Publications :

-Random walks on Homeo(S^1): published in ``Communications in Mathematical Physics'', 2017 [link] [pdf]
-Expanding actions: minimality and ergodicity (with P. G. Barrientos, A Fakhari and A. Sarizadeh): published in ``Stochastics and dynamics'' vol 17, No 4, 2017 [pdf]
-On the chaos game of Iterated Function Systems (with P. G. Barrientos, F. H. Ghane and A. Sarizadeh): published in ``Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis'' vol 48, no 2, 2016 [link] [pdf]
-Squared chaotic random variables: new moment inequalities with applications (with I. Nourdin, G. Peccati and G. Poly): published in ``Journal of Functional Analysis'' vol 270, 2016 [link] [pdf]
-Generalization of the Nualart-Peccati criterion (with E. Azmoodeh, G. Mijoule and G. Poly): published in ``Annals of Probability'' vol 44, 2016 [link] [pdf]
-Properties of convergence in Dirichlet structures,(with G.Poly): published in ``Journal of Functional Analysis'', Vol 9, 2077-2096. [link] [pdf]

Preprints :

-Ping-pong configurations and circular orders on free groups (with K. Mann, C. Ribal and M. Triestino): submitted [pdf]
-Groups with infinitely many ends acting analytically on the circle (with S. Alvarez, D. Filimonov, V. Kleptsyn, C. Meniño, A. Navas and M. Triestino): submitted [pdf]
-Simultaneous conjugation of diffeomorphisms of the torus (derived from the PhD thesis) [pdf]
-Lyapunov exponent of random dynamical systems on the circle (derived from the PhD thesis) [pdf]

PhD thesis :

-Exposants de Lyapunov de systemes dynamiques aleatoires sur le tore (PhD advisor: Raphaël Krikorian) [pdf]

Miscellaneous notes :

-The 2x-3x theorem of Furstenberg: notes for a talk in the workshop ``groups acting on manifolds'', Teresópolis, 2016 [pdf]