Bright stars spectroscopy in Leo

This page is dedicated to bright star in contellation Leo. These spectra are taken in less than one hour in total. The goal was to test the productivity and train the operator. Setup: Mount AP1200,Telescope Celestron C14 + 0.63x focal reducer + LISA spectrograph + ATIK 314L+. The guiding is achivied by Audela. The data reduction is achivied with ISIS and the data acquisition by PRISM.

Field map of Leo


omicron Leo

Spectral type A5V+

Mag V = 3.53

spectra in fits

HD 84441 -- Variable Star

epsilon Leo

Spectral type: G1II C ~

Mag V = 2.97

spectra in fits

HD 85503 -- High proper-motion Star

mu Leo

Spectral type: K2III C ~

Mag V = 3.88

spectra in fits

HD 87737 -- Double or multiple star

eta leo

Spectral type: A0Ib C ~

Mag V = 3.51

spectra in fits

HD 89010 -- High proper-motion Star

35 Leo

Spectral type: G1.5IV-V C ~

coord. J2000: 10h16m32.289 +2330m11.14s

Mag V = 5.90

spectra in fits

HD 89449 -- Variable Star of delta Sct type

40 Leo

Spectral type: F6IV C ~

coord. J2000: 10h19m44.167 +1928m15.29s

Mag V = 4.80

spectra in fits

HD 93291

52 Leo

Spectral type: G4III: D ~

coord. J2000): 10h46m25.278s +1411m40.73s

Mag V = 5.48

spectra in fits

HD 97603 -- Variable Star

delta Leo

Spectral type: A4V C ~

Mag V = 2.53

spectra in fits