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  • Task 2: Approximation algorithms for DBNs
    Subtask 2.1: Parametric approximated inference in DBN
    Subtask 2.2: Prototype of the inference algorithm
    Subtask 2.3: Model-checker for DBN

  • Task 3: Proving the accuracy
    Subtask 3.1: Compute the contracting factor of a DBN
    Subtask 3.2: Compute one-step error of the approximated inference

  • Task 4: Approximation algorithms for (explicit) MDPs
    Subtask 4.1: (Un)decidable class of MDPs for LTL over distribution.
    Subtask 4.2: Approximation algorithm on this compact model
    Subtask 4.3: Model for representing compactly a MDP

  • Task 5: Computational System Biology
    Subtask 5.1: Model Hela cells death as a DBN and application
    Subtask 5.2: Model stress response in yeast as a MDP and application