GSoC 2014 projects

Nicolas Dandrimont

4 june 2014

Table of Contents

What's GSoC?

  • Yearly program funded by Google
  • Students paid to work on Free Software for the summer

Debian in GSoC

  • Participating for the 9th year
  • Steady increase in applicants and accepted students
  • 90% success rate

Bootstrap / Porting related projects

  • Peter Pentchev: Bootstrappable Debian (mentored by Wookey)
  • Plamen Aleksandrov: Improve Debian port on mips/mipsel (mentored by Aron Xu, YunQiang Su, Anibal Monsalve Salazar)
  • Sphinx Jiang, Xilin Sun: Improve Debian on mips64el (mentored by Aron Xu, Liang Guo, YunQiang Su)

Package management tools

  • Abhishek Bhattacharjee: AppStream/DEP-11 for the Debian Archive (mentored by Matthias Klumpp)
  • Floris-Andrei Stoica-Marcu: Get Muon ready (mentored by Aleix Pol, Sune Vuorela)
  • Ian Donnelly: Improve Configuration Upgrade Mechanism with Elektra (mentored by Markus Raab)


  • Andrew Schurman: Recursively Building Java Project Dependencies (mentored by Daniel Pocock)
  • Sergey Davidoff: Package elementary software (mentored by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz)


  • Alexander Ovchinnikov, Arthur Marble: Debian built with clang (mentored by Sylvestre Ledru)
  • Brandon Fairchild: Debian Continuous Integration - Web Interface Improvements (mentored by Antonio Terceiro, Kartik Mistry)
  • Clement Schreiner: Provide some metrics in Debile (mentored by Sylvestre Ledru)
  • Joseph Bisch (mentored by Debian Metrics Portal (mentored by Stuart Prescott, Stefano Zacchiroli)
  • Lucas Kanashiro (mentored by Debian Continuous Integration (mentored by Antonio Terceiro, Kartik Mistry)

Improvements on Debian tools

  • Dionysis Fryaganas: Project import/export for Alioth (FusionForge) (mentored by Sylvain Beucler)
  • Juliana Louback: WebRTC portal for the Debian community (mentored by Daniel Pocock)
  • Kumar Sukhani: Integrate Debian with Android (mentored by Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan, Hans-Christoph Steiner)
  • Pavol Roh├ír: ListArchive (mentored by Martin Zobel-Helas, Alexander Wirt)