Companion material for a submission (under review).

Tarball of the code, which is the current version. One can install the dependencies and compile the code by running:
tar zxvf newtonsums.tgz
cd newtonsums
opam pin add .
opam install coq:newtonsums —deps-only

It requires renaming to fit the names in the paper.
The sources for the ongoing refactoring of the code are available on the github repository newtonsums.

The files written with the frame of this work are auxresults.v, revpoly.v, fraction.v, truncpowerseries.v, expansiblefracpoly.v and newtonsum.v.

The files polyall.v, finmap.v, polyorder.v, polydec.v and
xseq.v where imported from external contributions.

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