Using Zotero to manage your bibliography


Concept ?

Idea: use a specialized software to manage your bibliography, and not crappy hand-made solutions or habits.

A solution: Zotero

The official website of this project is (no surprise), and it is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)!

More information are available on this page in English.

And if needed, Wikipédia also has interesting things to say.

Plugins ?

It’s quick and easy (and free) to download (on this page):

More ?

Zotero could also be used to easily insert a citation to one of your bibliographic reference, when writing a document with Word or OpenOffice / Libre Office, without even having to switch between apps or tabs. This cool feature is presented here.

Zotero also allows you to quickly convert your database to a single BibTeX file, if you want to use LaTeX.

What about my use of Zotero?

I have not really started to use it intensively, so one of this page’s purpose is to motivate me to do so…

Zotero is a trustworthy software, very popular, simple and efficient.