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On March 26th (2013), Bitbucket announced a discreet message advising of the proposed translations of the site.

Curious, I went take a look at the software.

Translation EN FR


That’s how the translation platform they used is called.

A few moments later, I had created an account, and I therefore chair me for this translation project (see profile/Naereen).

Barely time to get a coffee (it was 5:06 in the morning ^^), that my application had been validated by the administrator Justen Stepka.


The translation was advanced at 11% when I logged in, with the sober figure of 1389 phrases or words to translate.

Translation interface

Here is a preview of the interface:

A screen capture to the interface of (© Transifex)

Encountered difficulties

The main difficulie is the fact of not being alone to translate.

Transifex platform offers a multi-user edition.

And fortunately!

It significantly accelerates the work.

Except when the other translator is using terms different than mine, as ticket for issues, and I wanted to use bug or signalement de bug.

But the collaboration went well, and I think this highly increase the translation’s quality.

Otherwise, to translate the terms technical push, pull, commit, tag, head, master, merge, fork and others prove to be relativly hard to translate.

Suddenly, fork was kept as fork in French because neither he (oliv.rm) or me have found a correct term instantly.



Someone decided to use « bifurcation » to design a « fork », and « bifurquer » to design the verb « to fork ».


The following embedded diagram should show the result (in real time) of the evolution of translations for website :

Loading chart…

Embedded chart thanks to Transifex's API, © of Transifex

Nice graphic right ? The French translation has reached 100%, within 12 h 30, and is therefore the first completed.

Congrats to us ! A few revisions later, and to 1 pm it was really finished.

And after?

This little adventure got me interested in translation projects, and I think I’ll look at make it more regularly !

Offer me to do a translation

So, if you are interested in a translation (FR → EN or EN → FR) of your website, software or otherwise do not hesitate to contact me (you will find out how here).

Update their web-service

I think the web site transifex is awesome !

But, the lack of statistics overview for a translation project appears to be annoying, so I asked them here on if there is a way to add this kind of functionnality.

What’s next ?

Since the first day of translation, some piece of sentences and some words are still frequently added to the project, mainly by the two administrators jstepka and nvenegas.

That’s why, each 2 or 3 days, the completion rate of the project for the French language go down to 98% or 99% again.

So, as soon as I see this, I try to complete again the translation process, by translating about 20 or 30 sentences.

About the French translation : 13000~ words !

The following screenshot shows the progression of the French translation :

Screenshot showing the progression of the French translation

My profile

And this last screenshot shows my (private) profile, which shows that I translated about 12500 words on the French part of the translation project of ! (this figure is probably out-dated, I wrote this paragraph the 29th August 2014)

So, this allows to compute that I translated about 80% of the 15000~ words of the project. (again, this figure might be out-dated)

Screenshot of my private profile, focused on the project

Next chapter

I’m still interested in any softwares or websites translation. I just have to like and frequently use the program or the website.

Also in Transifex

In Transifex, again, I’m participating in some translations :

  • Sphinx

  • XFCE

  • Gibberbot,

  • and the Transifex website itself!

And I have also been accepted in others teams, but I haven’t participate yet :

  • Webmin,

  • Roundcube,

  • txt2tags,

  • VLC,

  • The Tor Project,

  • GPG for Android,

  • Mozilla Webmaker.

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More details on my public Transifex profile

Other translations

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In April 2014, I forked and translated, and I also changed a few things, to be able to embed it locally more easily (go on, try the speed-reading feature, with the shortcut « q » !).

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In April 2014, I forked and translated in order to clean it up, tweak it to change the styles, and to be able to embed it locally more easily.

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In February 2014, I wrote a small open-source clone of in order to translate it, make it responsive (ie. more accessible on smartphones), and also in order to learn some php.