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# [remark.js slideshow]( :notebook: by [Naereen @ GitHub](

This repository hosts some [remark.js slideshows](, covering various subjects.

## About tools
- At first, this repository was only here to host some small experiments, for me to learn how to use [the remark.js slideshow tools]( correctly;
- But I discovered that [pandoc]( can be used to create PDF Beamer slides, written easily in Markdown, and I love it now :heart:! [My pandoc/beamer template](my.beamer) is working well, I love it.
- And I am passionate about open-source, and really fond of Markdown, I am trying to publish here all the slides of the talks I gave recently (from July 2017).
- I also really like [Marp]( (even if it's not updated enough), and [have wrote this small CSS file to customize it](common/marp-naereen.css) (using [Palatino]( & [Fira Code]( fonts).

> See also [my SpeakerDesk profile](, where I also shared all my previous slides, and I will keep sharing the new ones.

## Past slides
- For my previous research internships : [« Méthodes de volumes finis sur carte graphique nVidia pour Euler compressible » (in French, fluid mechanics, PDE, and C/CUDA programming) L3 (2012)](, [« Modularité pour les programmes de robots » (in French, formal logic), M1 (2013)](, [« Theoretical study of steerable homogeneous operators » (in English), M2 (2016)](
- And for [my M.Sc. (MVA) in 2015-16](, for some research projects : [Graphs in Machine-Learning (2015)](, [Sparsity and Compressed Sensing (2015)](, [Reinforcement Learning (2015)](, [Modeling in Neuro-Science (2016)](


## *How to read these documents*?

### 1. PDF on [my website](
> PDF versions are not available on the Git repository, but on [they are my website](

- [July 2016: Python Introduction and Demo at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)](
- [February 2017 : "Mastering Markdown and MediaWiki" training (CentraleSupélec Rennes)](
- [May 2017 : 6 month PhD summary for my "CSID Comitee" (CentraleSupélec Rennes)]( ([16:9 ?](
- [June 2017 : Presentation of the ADDI Association (PhD Student Day 2017 in Rennes)]( ([16:9 ?](
- [September 2017 : Presentation of our CrownCom conference article (Lisboa, Portugal)]( ([16:9 ?](
- [November 2017 : "Git and Open Source Your Simulation Code" training session (CentraleSupélec Rennes)]( ([16:9 ?](
- [November 2017 : 1 year of PhD summary, presentation at the SCEE team seminar (CentraleSupélec Rennes)](https:/ ([16:9 ?](https:/
- [December 2017 : Presentation of our ALT 2018 article at SequeL team seminar (Inria Lille)](https:/ ([16:9 ?](https:/
- [January 2018 : Same presentation at the ENSAI "brown-bag" seminar (Rennes)](https:/
- [January 2018 : "Python introduction for MATLAB users" training session (CentraleSupélec Rennes)](shttp:/ ([16:9 ?](shttp:/
- [March 2018 : "Introduction to Jupyter notebooks" training session (CentraleSupélec Rennes)](https:/ ([16:9 ?](https:/

### :arrow_forward: 2. View the slides on-line as HTML pages ?
> These versions are experimental and should not be used.
> [*Hic sunt dracones!*](

#### *rawgit*
> Thanks to [](

- Example: [template](
- [2016_07__Python_demo_at_EPFL](
- [2017_02__Markdown_and_MediaWiki_primer_at_Supelec](
- [2017_05__CSID_PhD_comitee_at_CentraleSupelec](
- [2017_06__Presentation_of_ADDI_Association](
- [2017_09__Presentation_article_CrownCom_Conference]( (still ugly, prefer [the PDF](
- [2017_11__Git_and_open-source_your_simulation_code__at_Supelec](
- [2017_11__Presentation_Supelec_SCEE_Seminar](
- [2017_12__Presentation_Inria_Lille_SequeL_Seminar](
- [2018_01__Python_introduction_for_MATLAB_users__at_Supelec](
- [2018_03__Jupyter_notebooks_are_awesome__GouTP_at_Supelec](

- For other slides, if I forgot one, use this URL: ``.

### :arrows_counterclockwise: 3. View the slides locally ?
- You can also clone this repository, and browse locally the slides.
- For some slides, they are not working as independent HTML files, so I switched to [reveal-md]( simply use `make` in the sub-folder and it will open the slides in a browser (the [npm]( package `reveal-md` is required, though...)


### :information_desk_person: More information?
> - More information about [pandoc]( on [](
> - More information about [remarkjs]( on [](
> - More information about [reveal.js]( on [](
> - More information about [reveal-md]( on [](
> - More information about [Markdown]( on [](

## :scroll: License ? [![GitHub license](](
All the slideshows in this repository are published under the terms of the [MIT License]( (file [LICENSE.txt](LICENSE.txt)).
© [Lilian Besson](, 2016-18.

The logos and images are the properties of their respective authors (for instance, ENS Paris Saclay, EPFL, CentraleSupélec, IETR, etc).

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