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# Talk at [Training School on Machine Learning for Communications](

## By who?
Lilian Besson, [website]( and [Naereen on Github](

## When?
- Monday, 23rd of September
- 1h30 talk
- See the program for more detail: [program](

## Slides
See [slides.pdf](slides.pdf) in this folder.

## References
- My PhD thesis (Lilian Besson), "Multi-players Bandit Algorithms for Internet of Things Networks"

- Our Python library for simulations of MAB problems, SMPyBandits

- "The Bandit Book", by Tor Lattimore and Csaba Szepesvari

- "Introduction to Multi-Armed Bandits", by Alex Slivkins


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Most of the slides material are © [Emilie Kaufmann](, 2019.
The end and the beginning are © [Lilian Besson](, 2019.

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