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Information about the coronavirus outbreak, and how it affects me, and my teaching activities : please read this webpage : coronavirus.en.html, I am updating it regularly.


I am Lilian Besson, professor of Computer Science at ENS Rennes, and former student in Mathematics and Computer Science at ENS de Cachan. I am a passionate programmer, an open-source enthusiast, and I did research for my PhD thesis, in machine learning, learning theory and cognitive radio. I also love to cook and meet people, to travel and exchange, to bike or hike, and I am chaotic-good even IRL. Welcome to my website.

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PhD thesis (2016-19)

For my Ph.D., my research is in applied machine learning, focused on low-cost online learning algorithm with limited feedback (bandit feedback), mainly applied to cognitive radio problems for Opportunistic Spectrum Access and setting up reliable network access protocol for the future Internet of Things networks. By studying and applying classical and recent Multi-Armed Bandit algorithms to carefully designed radio models, we are able to prove some performance guarantees, both numerically in simulations and theoretically with statistical proofs.

I defended on the 20th of November 2019. I now hold a PhD in telecommunications. My PhD thesis is here and the slides used for my defense are there.

Publications list

Published works :

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Works that need more writing, still in progress for a new submission:

2nd research M.Sc. (2015-16)

I also worked on 6 small research projects, all published on my bitbucket, open-source under the MIT license.

For the 1st trimester (Fall 2015):

For the 2nd trimester (Spring 2016):

2nd M.Sc. research internship (2016)

I was working in the BIG/LIB research team, at EPFL (in Lausanne, Switzerland), on convolution operators and steerable operators (amongst other topics)!

  • Theme:

    theoritical functional analysis, applied to inverse optimization problem, mainly appearing in medical imaging.

  • Duration:

    april 2016 to August 2016 (research internship in applied mathematics);

  • Locations:

    Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Rapport:

    Check out the git repository for my internship (cf. my Master thesis) !

1st MSc research internship (2013)

BSc internship (2012)

  • Title:

    « Finite volumes method on nVidia graphic cards, applied to solve the compressible Euler problem »;

  • Supervisor:

    Pr. Florian de Vuyst;

  • Description:

    Math internship at CMLA (Centre des mathématiques et de leurs applications, ÉNS de Cachan math lab research), 5 months (February 2012 to July 2012).

  • Abstract:

    General study of numerical solvers for differential equations and partial differential equations. Liner solver, first and second order, 1 2 and 3 D, with the VFFC method. Numerical simulation, sequential using :C: and VTK, and parallel using nVidia CUDA. Interactive 2D simulation with openGL.

  • Published:

    On my web page, the bachelor thesis, in French.