# How to convert a MS Word document to LaTeX Here are some tools and techniques that can be used to (*try to*) convert a MS Word document to simple (and **pretty**) ``LaTeX`` (more precisely, to $\\LaTeX2e{}$). ## Tools on Linux [Writer2LaTeX](http://writer2latex.sourceforge.net/). I tried the version 1.2.1 (2014-08-04), it works but is really not good enough to be *really* used. Too bad ! It requires to go from ``.docx`` to ``.odt`` (LibreOffice can do it), then from ``.odt`` to ``.tex`` (and then compile it to ``.pdf``, *ie* a PDF document, thanks to [pdflatex](http://besson.qc.to/bin/pdflatex)) This tool was tested on Ubuntu, and should work on any *Debian*-like. ---- ## Tools on Microsoft Windows > These tools were **not** tested (I do not use MS Windows...). * [Word-to-LaTeX Converter](http://www.wordtolatex.com/download) which seems to be pretty good (and [direct download](http://www.wordtolatex.com/file/word-to-latex-2.55.zip)), * [Word to LaTeX Converter 2.30](http://word-to-latex-converter.soft112.com/download.html) which seems to be a little weird (ugly website), * [Word2TeX, 30 days trial](http://www.chikrii.com/products/word2tex/dl/) (and [direct download](http://www.chikrii.com/dl/word2tex/word2tex.zip)), which seems to be OK even if not free (and not open-source), * [Word-to-LaTeX](http://www.grindeq.com/word2latex.htm), * [docx2tex](http://docx2tex.codeplex.com/#) as a small executable (**be cautious** about virus or trojans). ## Online tools : None ! ## Tools on Mac OS > These tools were **not** tested (I do not use Mac OS...). [This small page can help](http://pages.uoregon.edu/noeckel/WordToLaTeX.html). ---- ## Some references * [This question on TeX StackExchange.com](http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/27731/how-can-i-convert-from-microsoft-word-to-a-latex-document), * [This onther one](http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/45157/free-substitute-for-word2tex-on-windows), * [That last question](http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/371/how-can-i-import-an-exam-or-assignment-from-word-into-latex).