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title: 2nd GouTP @ SCEE
subtitle: Five useful and various tools as a Christmas gift
author: Lilian Besson and Bastien Trotobas and Nabil Zaraneh and Pierre Haessig
institute: SCEE Team, IETR, CentraleSupélec, Rennes
date: Thursday 20th of December, 2018
lang: english

# $2^{\text{nd}}\;$ $2018/19$ GouTP @ SCEE

- *About:* **Useful and various tools as a Christmas gift**  :christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow: :gift: :santa:

- *Date:* $20$th of December $2018$ :date:

- *Who:* [Lilian Besson]( and [Bastien Trotobas]( and [Pierre Haessig]( :hand:

### Open source content :notebook: ?
> Note: slides are online: `


# What's a *"GouTP"* ?

- **Internal monthly technical training session** :date:
- Usually: on *Thursday*, at *3pm :clock3: - 3:30pm* :clock330:
- With :coffee: coffee, :tea: tea and :cookie: sweets: we relax while training !

  > Initiative of Quentin and Vincent :clap: in January 2017...
  > Continued by Rémi, Muhammad, Rami and Lilian :ok_hand: !

## Not only @ SCEE :smiley: ?
- Now open to all the teams of CentraleSupélec, campus of Rennes.


# Agenda for today :timer_clock:

## 1. Clipboard history manager

## 2. Offline documentation browser

## 3. Compressing PNG, JPEG and PDF

## 4. Tools to write easily in a foreign language

### Please :pray:
Ask questions and interrupt us if you want!


# 1st tool: Clipboard history manager
Simple and tiny tool to help you win some time!

## :boom: Example of a problem?
- You're editing some files, browsing Internet
- You use `Ctrl+C`/`Ctrl+V` **a lot** (like everybody does)
- But you're tired of losing your copied text/macro/piece of code/URL when you copy something on it

## How to solve it?
- :cry: Don't, just find again your text and copy it... :boom: Slow!!
- :mag: Use a software to keep track of your history of copy/paste!


## On a GNU/Linux system

- My favorite
  + parcellite (
    $ sudo apt install parcellite
    > Or replace `apt` with `aur`, `yum`, `pacman` etc
    > (= your distribution's package manager)

- Other good solutions
  + diodon (
  + glipper (

> $\hookrightarrow$
> All listed solutions I found are free, easy to install etc.


## On a Windows or Mac OS X system

- CopyQ ( seems to be very good
  :ok_hand: free, open source, easy to install, multi-platform!

- Other solutions? there is a lot!


## Demo!
> Me editing the source code of last slides, using `parcellite`

[![bg original 150%](figures/demo_parcellite.gif)](https://localhost/publis/slides/2018_12__Four_useful_and_various_tools_as_a_Christmas_gift__GouTP_at_CentraleSupelec/figures/demo_parcellite.gif)


## Good features for a *clipboard history manager*
- :scroll: Keep a history of your copied/pasted texts
- :mouse: Accessible in the system menu (system tray) with your mouse
- :sparkles: *Bonus* if accessible from a keyboard shortcut as a floating menu (`Ctrl+Alt+h` for `parcellite` on GNU/Linux, cf. demo)

## Other features?
- :notebook: Works with images & files
  (:cry: parcelitte don't support this, :ok_hand: CopyQ does)
- :recycle: Keep history after system reboot (they all do)
- :pencil: Modify / clean your clipboard history
- :raised_hands: Work with multiple items (for multi-cursor editors)


# 2nd tool: Offline documentation browser

TL;DR: if you use open source languages and tools for your work, the website is very useful!

- Browse and search documentation of languages and libraries
- Examples: Python, tensorflow, matplotlib, C++, etc
- Work *offline* (nice in a :airplane: plane, :train: train etc)


![bg original 95%](figures/demo_devdocs1.png)


![bg original 95%](figures/demo_devdocs2.png)


[![bg original 95%](figures/demo_devdocs.gif)](https://localhost/publis/slides/2018_12__Four_useful_and_various_tools_as_a_Christmas_gift__GouTP_at_CentraleSupelec/figures/demo_devdocs.gif)


# 3rd tool: Compressing PNGs, JPEGs & PDFs

- *What?*
  + Reduce the size of figures with little or no quality loss.
- *Why?*
  + :chart_with_downwards_trend: Reduce the size of your research papers,
  + :rocket: Speed up your data transfers to your git, drive, etc,
  + :recycle: Reduce your environmental impact effortlessly.
- *How?*
  1. (you can) remove EXIF data from figures
  2. **Compress** them.
  3. See next slides.


## For PNGs :arrow_right: Up to 60% compression rate!

$ advpng -z -2 *.png  # on *Nix systems
      112098       88316  78% Zotero_desktop_idle.png
      120106       89860  74% Zotero_online.png
      124577       93638  75% bibtex_style.png
       21961       16303  74% generate_IEEE.png
       73520       56477  76% setup_proxy.png
      452262      344594  76%   # quite good!

![original center 80%](figures/PNGGauntlet.png)


## For JPEGs :arrow_right: already compressed

- One can reduce the size with little loss.
- Lots of web tools. One among all [](

![original center 90%](figures/compressjpeg.png)


## Example: two compression steps

![original 25%](figures/IETR.jpg) ![original 25%](figures/IETR-min.jpg) ![original 25%](figures/IETR-mini.jpg)

- 159 ko :arrow_right: 47 ko (30%) :arrow_right: 21 ko (13%)
- It depends on your use case!


## For PDFs :arrow_right: Up to 100% compression rate!

### On Unix systems
Lilian wrote [`PDFCompress`]( for this ($\hookrightarrow$ [``](

$ cp input.pdf output.pdf
$ PDFCompress output.pdf
# lot of verbose output ...

$ du input.pdf output.pdf
2,1M    input.pdf   |   1,1M    output.pdf

# it does this command with gs (ghostscript):
$ gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite \
     -sOutputFile=output.pdf input.pdf

## On Windows systems
Use online tools such as [](


# 4th tools: Writing tools

*Goal*: increase quality and productivity when writing,
e.g. in a non native language

Three propositions:

1. Dictionnary power user: []( + Firefox [smart keywords](
2. Fast translation with [](
3. Grammar spellchecker with : [](
   + Fr + En = $120 + 60$ €
   + LaTeX compatible
   + I used it for my PhD manuscript (in French), and all articles since then


## 4.1. Firefox keywords for dictionnaries

- *Goal*: fast word translation with Wordreference or other dictionnary.
  cf. [ keywords](

- Access dictionnaries *without leaving the keyboard*
  (no mouse click needed).


## Firefox keywords: HOWTO 1/2

Step 1: right-click in search field: "Add a Keyword for this Search..."



## Firefox keywords: HOWTO 2/2

Step 2: choose the keyword: "ling", "fren", "enfr"...



## Firefox keywords: check

NB: keywords are associated with *bookmarks*.

You can hack the bookmark record, playing with the `%s` placeholder:



## Firefox keywords: usage (without mouse!)

*(`Ctrl+L` to focus the address bar)*

Type `keyword` + `space` + search string: ![60%](figures/lang/Linguee3_search.png)

Then hit `Enter` to query the search: ![60%](figures/lang/Linguee4_result.png)


## 4.2. DeepL online translator

$\hookrightarrow$ []( *(by the makers of [](*.

Key interesting points:

* **word-by-word interactivity**: adjust the translation to your taste
* integrated dictionnary

### :see_no_evil: Don't use for private documents!
:warning: Important warning: in the free version, *everything gets recorded* (cf. [privacy policy](,
:warning: like Google Translate...


## DeepL demo

My tip: make changes *forward*, or you shall loose previous changes :cry:.

[![bg original 60%](figures/lang/DeepL.gif)](https://localhost/publis/slides/2018_12__Four_useful_and_various_tools_as_a_Christmas_gift__GouTP_at_CentraleSupelec/figures/lang/DeepL.gif)


## 4.3. Antidote grammar spellchecker

:warning: NB: non free tool: $120$ € + $60$ € for French + English

### Features

- detects advanced grammar errors
  + including *false friends* for French (e.g.: actuellement/actually)
- can spellcheck LaTeX
- includes dictionnaries with synonyms, antonyms, citations...


## Demo of Antidote

[![bg original 120%](figures/lang/Antidote.gif)](https://localhost/publis/slides/2018_12__Four_useful_and_various_tools_as_a_Christmas_gift__GouTP_at_CentraleSupelec/figures/lang/Antidote.gif)


# Conclusion (1/3)

## Sum-up
1. A *clipboard history manager* is simple to use and can be useful!
2. *Offline documentation browser* is awesome!
3. *Compress your figures* before including them on your papers, sending them online, storing them on your git, etc!
4. *Advanced writing tools*

## Pointers
- $\hookrightarrow$ [Other JPEGs and PNGs compression tools]( and [Other PDFs compression tools]( online
- $\hookrightarrow$ []( and other websites


# Conclusion (2/3)

## Next GouTP @ SCEE
- Any request or suggestion ?

## We need participants!
> :point_right: By *you*? Any idea is welcome! :smiley:

> Contact us if you want to do a GouTP !

## Note for PhD students
GouTP count as **PhD training hours**, come with a paper from Ecole Doctorale for us to sign!


# Conclusion (3/3)

Happy holidays!
And merry Christmas :christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow: :gift: :santa: !

## Your mission, if you accept it... :boom:
1. *Padawan level :* **be smart and try new tools!**
2. *Jedi level :* **discuss** about your tools with your colleagues and friends!
3. *Master level :* **write your own** open source tools to solve problems nobody never had!

> Thanks for joining :clap: !