Gedit Tools : for "External Tools" plugin

This git repository hosts a few scripts to enhance gedit, the amazing Gnome Text Editor.


Those scripts are made to be used with gedit, the text editor of the Gnome project.
It requires the plugin "External Tools". The reference page is here.
Usually, this plugin is installed by default on all major Linux distribution that have gedit pre-installed.

I developped those tools for gedit version 3.2.3. This project will work with newer version of this software, but I cannot ensure that those script will also work with previous version of gedit.


On Microsoft Windows, or on Mac OS X, all those scripts might be useless, because this plugin is unavailable.
But, who use those OSs ;) ?

How to use those scripts

  1. Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T on Ubuntu);

  2. Clone this git repository (this require an active Internet connection) :

    git clone

    You can also download it (probably a file like, with a different number), and extract the tarball :

  3. This create a folder named gedit-tools;

  4. Go to this folder :

    cd gedit-tools/

    If you chosed to download the zip file :

    cd lbesson-gedit-tools-08505e7644a0/
  5. Then, copy each of the scripts you are interested in, or all, to the folder : ~/.config/gedit/tools/ :

    cp *.gedit-tools ~/.config/gedit/tools/
  6. Restart gedit, and the scripts should be available.

  7. (Optionnal) you can test the tools.

  8. You can delete the folder, to clean up :

    cd .. && rm -rf gedit-tools/

    If you chosed to download the zip file :

    cd .. && rm -rf lbesson-gedit-tools-08505e7644a0/

Feel free to work on them

This project is released in the public domain, so I would love to get some return from you.
If you use one of those tools, feel free to contact me, to contribute or anything.

About the name of the scripts

The script are all named : something.gedit-tools. This is not mandatory, just a convention to know what kind of script it is.



Lilian Besson (for Naereen CORP.).


Python v2.7+. GNU Bash 4.2+.


The project have been developped on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 11.10).

And I think it will only work on Linux.

About the project

This project is part of my work realised to enhance gedit.

The first reason was because I love the visual appearance of GTK SourceView syntaxic coloration. So I started to work on this syntaxic coloration tool. You can check this page, which host my work on this here.

And many of my colleague are using Emacs, Vim or Eclipse, and they are so proud to use those editors, they always says their is the best, and so on...

That's why I decided to try not to use one of those fancy and famous editors, and keep the one I was using since my first step on GNU/Linux.

And because I was curious, I worked on GTK SourceView, on plug-ins (mainly the embedded terminal) and on scripts for ExternalTools.

So, the main reason I love gedit is because it has a very nice looking, and it is enhanceable by anyone, easily.

Or, at least, I love enhancing it...

About the doc

A short documentation and a few screenshots are hosted here on my Google Site.


By now, this doc is in french, sorry about that. I'm working on a translation...

Those documents are also hosted here.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me, either with a bitbucket message (my profile is lbesson), or via an email at lilian DOT besson AT ens-cachan DOT fr.



The logo is from the gedit official homepage, and it is released under the term of the GPL license.


This project is released under the GPLv3 license, for more details, take a look at the LICENSE file in the source.