{% extends "base.html" %} {% block title %}Fontify - Make your own font!{% endblock %} {% block body %}

Make your own font!

Three steps:

  1. Print the template,
  2. Fill it and scan it,
  3. Generate the font and test it, you're done!

Optional choose your characters for the template

1. Fill the template, scan it as a single multi-page PDF, and upload it.
Advice: use a black and not too thin pen.
Don't use pencil or feather pen, and don't use light ink.
(Fontify supports colored input, but the font will turn out black-white only).

1.b. (optional) Fill the template, scan it, and upload.

Enter your awesome font name.

2. Upload the scanned template (as a JPG, PNG or PDF).
Prefer PDF as multi-pages are supported!

Optional: choose your font variant

{% endblock %}