ANSI Colors

A Python script and module to simply use ANSI Colors in a terminal.

Screenshot of the doc, colored with the script


Lilian Besson.


Python v2.7+ (but not v3). A P3K compatible version is in progress !

This project is now hosted on Pypi module repository.


The complete documentation of the module is available, see here on

All the details (installation, options, etc) are in the doc. Anyway, here are somes infos.


The project is just the main script

How to install it

Download or copy it from this git repository, then launch python install. More details can be found in the INSTALL file.


The project is entirely written in Python, version 2.7.3.

For more details about the Python language, see the official site. Python 2.7.1 or higher is required.


The project have been developped on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 11.10).

Warning (Windows)

It also have been quickly tested on Windows 7 with the Cygwin environment and Python 2.7.

Warning (Mac OS X)

It shall also work on Mac OS X, but not been tested. Any suggestion or returns is welcome !

About the project

This project was part of my work realised for the MPRI 1-21 net programming lesson. The MPRI is the Parisian Master for Research in Computer Science (Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique in French).

About the doc

The documentation is produced mainly with Sphinx, the Python's documentation generator.

I wrote a few scripts to help Sphinx to do what I wanted, and to generate a PyDoc version of the doc too.

Those scripts constitute now an independant and a powerful project. It is hosted here on my Google Site

Contact me

Feel free to contact me, either with a bitbucket message (my profile is lbesson), or via an email at lilian DOT besson AT ens-cachan DOT fr.


This project is released under the GPLv3 license, for more details, take a look at the LICENSE file in the source. Basically, that allow you to use all or part of the project for you own business.