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# :art: :dark_sunglasses: Jupyter-Notebook - Dark Scheme

> This ~~is~~ was a completely dark theme for the [Jupyter Notebook]( interface.

## Actually... don't use this! Use [Jupyter-Themes]( instead!
[Jupyter-Themes]( is purely awesome :sparkles:!

Here is the theme I use:
$ jt -N -T -f firacode -tf loraserif -nf latosans -fs 95 -tfs 12 -nfs 115 -cellw 85% -t grade3

- It keeps the Name & Logo visible (`-N`),
- It keeps the Toolbar visible (`-T`),
- It uses the awesome [Fira Code]( font for monospace font (code etc). Some ligatures are supported in [CodeMirror]( (Jupyter's text editor), but not all,
- It uses the [Lora Serif]( and [Lato Sans]( fonts as serif and sans-serif fonts (I like them both),
- It uses a font-size of 95% (enough on large screen) (`-fs 95`),
- It uses a text font-size of 12pt and a notebook fontsize of 115% (increase text cells) (`-tfs 12 -nfs 116`),
- It reduces the cell width to 85% (`-cellw 85%`),
- And uses the other settings from the [grade3 theme]( (`-t grade3`).

It looks amazing :art: :sparkles:!


Palette command: <img width="50%" alt="screenshots/demo_jt2.png" src="screenshots/demo_jt2.png" />

Code cells:


> Note: You can use [this `custom.css`](custom.css) file and [my `matplotlibrc`](matplotlibrc) file (to save in `~/.matplotlib/`) if you don't want to install [Jupyter-Themes](


## Example


> Note: Source code coloring is based on the Twilight theme for Textmate. Print preview output for notebooks retains a white background with printable foreground colors.

## Installing
To install this theme, copy or symlink this file [`custom.css`]( into the folder `~/.jupyter/custom/`.

mkdir -p ~/.jupyter/custom/
cd ~/.jupyter/custom/

If needed, edit it as you wish:

nano custom.css

Then, whenever you run jupyter notebook (for Python or [other languages]( it will use this theme.

You can try [with the test notebook](test/test.ipynb).

## Screenshots
> Here are a few more examples:

Editing Markdown cells works fine:


The selected cell is dark gray (and not white, that was my reason to fork [this initial project](


The menus have all joined the dark side also:


Print preview still has the normal style with white background:


## Tips
Most of the coloring information can be modified manually. Just try to stay consistent!

> For more information on color code [see this website](


## :scroll: License ? [![GitHub license](](
[MIT Licensed]( (file [LICENSE](LICENSE)).
© [Lilian Besson](, 2018.

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