Tools for pair-programming

This short article lists different tools that a group of (at least two) people can use to work collaboratively on code and do efficient pair-programming.


I never used any of these tools, I never had any occasion to do pair-programming even though I want(ed) to…

Generic tools

  • Use Together is free in its simplest version, and seems to support any application not a specific IDE,

  • Team Viewer seems to do the same job,

  • CodeShare seems pretty good too!

Plugins for IDE

And of course there are also solutions designed for one (or more) IDE:

Online IDE

  • CodeAnyWhere is one of the most popular and most complete,

  • PythonTutor works for Python 2 and 3, JavaScript and Java, and it’s amazing and I use it for my teaching activities (but limited to one small file),

  • Cloud9 by Amazon AWS, is generic and powerful.

Tools for only one OS


Here I list a few online articles I used when writing this page: