Obfuscated code or piece of art?

This short notebooks shows a few examples of Python code, designed to draw something, and shaped as what they will draw...

Mandelbrot set

This nice little code will write a visualization of the Mandelbrot set, on the domain $[-3, 3] \times [-3i, 3i]$, for $1500 \times 1500$ points, as a Bitmap (written manually in binary).

In [2]:
b_                                      =   (
                               V       ,B,c
                             :c   and Y(V*V+B,B,  c
               (              2+c-4*abs(V)**-0.4)/i
                 )  ;v,      x=1500,1000;C=range(v*x
                  );import  struct;P=struct.pack;M,\
            j  ='<QIIHHHH',open('art/M.bmp','wb').write
for X in j('BM'+P(M,v*x*3+26,26,12,v,x,1,24))or C:
            i  ,Y=_;j(P('BBB',*(lambda T:(T*80+T**9
                  *i-950*T  **99,T*70-880*T**18+701*
                 T  **9     ,T*i**(1-T**45*2)))(sum(
               [              Y(0,(A%3/3.+X%v+(X/v+
                             /x   -2.7,i)**2 for  \
                               A       in C
                                       )   )
/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ipykernel/__main__.py:20: DeprecationWarning: integer argument expected, got float
CPU times: user 3min 43s, sys: 296 ms, total: 3min 44s
Wall time: 3min 43s

Penrose patterns

This second nice little code will write a visualization of a Penrose tiling (infinite pattern) to a PNG image, of resolution $2000 \times 2000$.

In [3]:
_                                 =\
                           v,S=.5/  V.real,
                         [(0,0,4      *e,4*e*
                       V)];w=1          -v"def!
                      E(T,A,              B,C):P
                  ,Q,R=B*w+                A*v,B*w+C
            *v,A*w+B*v;retur              n[(1,Q,C,A),(1,P
     ,Q,B),(0,Q,P,A)]*T+[(0,C            ,R,B),(1,R,C,A)]*(1-T)"f
or!i!in!_[:11]:S       =sum([E          (*x)for       !x!in!S],[])"imp
  ort!cair               o!as!O;      s=O.Ima               geSurfac
   e(1,e,e)               ;c=O.Con  text(s);               M,L,G=c.
     move_to                ,c.line_to,c.s                et_sour
       ce_rgb                a"def!z(f,a)                :f(-a.
        imag,a.       real-e-e)"for!T,A,B,C!in[i       !for!i!
          in!S!if!i[""";exec(reduce(lambda x,i:x.replace(chr
           (i),"\n "[34-i:]),   range(   35),_+"""0]]:z(M,A
             );z(L,B);z         (L,C);         c.close_pa
             th()"G             (.4,.3             ,1);c.
             paint(             );G(.7             ,.7,1)
             ;c.fil             l()"fo             r!i!in
             !range             (9):"!             g=1-i/
             8;d=i/          4*g;G(d,d,d,          1-g*.8
             )"!def     !y(f,a):z(f,a+(1+2j)*(     1j**(i
             ,A);y(L,B)"!c.st            roke()"s.write_t
             o_png('art/                    penrose.png')
             """                                       ))
CPU times: user 4.17 s, sys: 20 ms, total: 4.19 s
Wall time: 4.18 s

Bitcoin address & private key generator

This is the most concise (and the most sexy!) implementation of the Bitcoin protocol to generate a new address and private key!

In [26]:
_                   =r"""A(W/2,*M(3*G
       ashlib&as&h,os,re,bi    nascii&as&k;J$:int(
     k.b2a_hex(W),16);C$:C    (W/    58)+[W%58]if(W@
    [];X=h.new("rip           em    d160");Y$:h.sha25
   6(W).digest();I$                 d=32:I(W/256,d-1)+
  chr(W%256)if(d>0@"";                  U$:J(k.a2b_base
 64(W));f=J(os.urando       m(64))        %(H-U("AUVRIxl
Qt1/EQC2hcy/JvsA="))+      1;M$Q,R,G       :((W*W-Q-G)%P,
(W*(G+2*Q-W*W)-R)%P)       ;P=H-2**       32-977;V$Q=P,L=
1,O=0:V(Q%W,W,O-Q/W*                      L,L)if(W@O%P;S,
T=A(f,U("eb5mfvncu6                    xVoGKVzocLBwKb/Nst
zijZWfKBWxb4F5g="),      U("SDra         dyajxGVdpPv8DhEI
qP0XtEimhVQZnEfQj/       sQ1Lg="),        0,0);F$:"1"+F(W
 [1:])if(W[:1           ]=="\0"@""        .join(map(B,C(
  J(W))));K$:               F(W          +Y(Y(W))[:4]);
   X.update(Y("\4"+                     I(S)+I(T)));B$
    :re.sub("[0OIl    _]|            [^\\w]","","".jo
     in(map(chr,ra    nge    (123))))[W];print"Addre
       ss:",K("\0"+X.dig    est())+"\nPrivkey:",K(
         "\x80"+I(f))""";exec(reduce(lambda W,X:
            W.replace(*X),zip(" \n&$@",["","",
               " ","=lambda W,",")else "])
Address: 1PMc1Xt6AMaBhDkX4De6nEPMA8XtDDLJhL
Privkey: 5Jrof4v1UX3X7Zzj724rr6sviw6RhpsczqZEcV8a3MJw1u5eBEb
CPU times: user 64 ms, sys: 24 ms, total: 88 ms
Wall time: 72.9 ms

Disclaimer: I am not the author of these small examples!

That's it for today!