How to install LaTeX on Windows

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I will not be able to give any better explanations than (in French, TODO find in English). They are complete, trustworthy, and well written.

Text Editor

I recommend TeXMaker to write \(\LaTeX{}\) on your Windows computer : (in French, TODO find in English). Currently, the direct link is : (55 Mo).


On Linux ?

The usual text editors (emacs, Sublime Text 3, vi(m), Geany, Kate, or even the minimalist GNU Nano) are all doing a pretty good job (they might require to install one additional plugin, e.g. LaTeX-plus for Sublime Text 3).

For a editor specific to \(\LaTeX{}\), TeXMaker is also available on Linux, but I recommend the awesome Kile editor.

That list (on Wikipédia) can help you choose a good editor to write awesome \(\LaTeX{}\) documents.

LaTeX « Distribution »

And I also recommend the MikTeX \(\LaTeX{}\) « distribution » :

Currently, the direct installer link is: (160 Mo).


Sur Linux (2) ?

On both Debian and Ubuntu, the recommended distribution is TexLive, which is easily installable thanks to apt-get (or pacman, or .. whatever your paquet manager is).


If any issue occurs during the installation… do it again by following step-by-step the official tutorial.

Learn how to use \(\LaTeX{}\) ?

To learn, or refresh your memory about \(\LaTeX{}\), the Wikibook will be more than useful.


Examples of maths written with \(\LaTeX{}\)?

Some of my pages embed a demo: