Description of JavaScript scripts in my web pages

About this page

This page describes some JavaScript scripts stored in this git repository web-sphinx-scripts.

But it also describes some features implemented in JavaScript for some pages in this website.

List of usage of JavaScript here

I removed these old features in December 2017 to adopt a lighter style.

  • (removed) To know which webserver was used (and adapt the image in the footer, to show the NGinx or Apache HTTPD logo) en bas,

  • (removed) To embed SquirtFR, with keyboard shortcut « q »,

  • (removed) To allow a change in the website style, with keyboard shortcut « s », to change between colors (purple, orange, or green),

List of scripts

Not mine

jQuery plugins

Not my scripts but adapted

My scripts

  • (removed) referrer.js was used to display nicer information messages on the error pages (404.html or 403.html),

  • (used for folder views) StrapDown.js is an awesome Markdown > HTML compiler,

  • (used for folder views) SquirtFR is a bookmarklet to read very quickly a webpage.