I am a PhD Candidate under Pr Burkhart Wolff and Pr Frédéric Boulanger in the VALS/MODHEL joint groups of LRI at Université Paris-Sud/CNRS. My research is focused on formal semantics towards heterogeneous timed models simulation expressed in the specification language TESL into the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL .


I share the deep conviction that mathematical foundations are essential for critical software-intensive systems development and hence formal methods are a cost-effective answer to the systems verification problem. Previously, I have also collaborated with teams developing the Pratham satellite, which has been successfully launched on September 26th, 2016 at 3:42 UTC onboard PSLV-C35.


Apart from work matters, my interests mostly lie in traveling the world to discover and capture endless wild landscapes. Distribution licences are provided by Getty Images.

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