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I am Lilian Besson, a former student in Mathematics and Computer Science at ENS de Cachan. I am a passionate programmer, open-source enthusiast and young researcher in machine learning, learning theory and cognitive radio.

In 2016-2017 and for the next two years:

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For my Ph.D., my research is in applied machine learning, focussed on low-cost online learning algorithm with limited feedback (bandit feedback), mainly applied to cognitive radio problems for Opportunistic Spectrum Access and setting up reliable network access protocol for the future Internet of Things networks. By studying and applying classical and recent Multi-Armed Bandit algorithms to carefully designed radio models, we are able to prove some performance guarantees, both numerically in simulations and theoretically with statistical proofs.

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  • 2 Higher Education institutes where I teach in Rennes

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  1. L. Besson & E. Kaufmann.
    Multi-Player Bandits Models Revisited. October 2017.
    [ PDF ] • [ arXiv ] • [ HAL ] • [ BibTeX ] • [ Code (documentation) ]
  2. L. Besson, E. Kaufmann & C. Moy.
    Aggregation of Multi-Armed Bandits learning algorithms for Opportunistic Spectrum Access. September 2017.
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International peer-reviewed journals

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International conference

  1. R. Bonnefoi, L. Besson, C. Moy, E. Kaufmann & J. Palicot.
    Multi-Armed Bandit Learning in IoT Networks and non-stationary settings.
    CrownCom, Lisboa, Portugal. September 2017. Best Paper Award!
    [ PDF ] [ Slides ] [ Poster ] • [ HAL ] • [ BibTeX ] • [ Code (LaTeX) ] • [ Code (MATLAB) ]
    Presented a few times… In 2017 I presented different versions of these slides for a SequeL seminar in Lille on September 15th, for the CrownCom conference in Lisbon on September 22th, for this research day organized by the GdR-ISIS in Paris on November 17th, and for SCEE seminar in Rennes on November 23th.

Academic publications

  1. L. Besson, J. Fageot, M. Unser.
    A theoretical study of steerable homogeneous operators, and applications.
    Research Internship Report – Master MVA. Internship with Prof.Dr. Michael Unser and Dr. Julien Fageot. BIG team at EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland). August 2016.
    [ PDF ] [ Slides ] • [ Code ] • [ Rank: 1st & Grade: 20/20 ]


My wish is to become a tenured full-time teaching professor in a Prepatory School in France, in computer science and/or maths. Ideally, I will be the happiest man on earth if I could spend the next 30 years teaching introductory Computer Science, Python (and the next awesome languages) and algorithmics.


I love to program and write code and documentation , especially in Python for science, GNU Bash for desktop automation, and HTML/CSS/JS for the web. Everything I did and do is open-source and published (using Git), on my GitHub or my Bitbucket profiles. Here are a few things I did since 2012: