Who am I?

Greetings, I am Lilian Besson, student at “ENS de Cachan”, a French University specialized in training researcher and professors for superior studies, located near Paris.

Studies before 2014

I was the first French faculty to work there full-time, and I have been involved as a teaching assistant professor, in charge of mathematics tutorials, and in charge of the Computer Science CS101 course for the second semester!
  • In 2013/2014, I prepared the (French) agregation of Mathematics exam (national competitive exam for “Prep Schools” teacher recruitment, with a major in Maths and a minor in Computer Science). I have been ranked 23rd, for 275 available positions, for 795 candidates allowed to pass the oral exam (second step) in June and July 2014, and almost 1200 persons registered in October 2013. I also did the second year of my Master of Science in Fondamental Mathematics (major) and Computer Science (minor), with a speciality on teaching.
  • In 2012/2013, I did the first year of the MPRI (Master of Science specialized in theoretical research in Computer Science, in Paris) and also the first year of the Master of Science in fondamental mathematics of ÉNS Cachan, again both magna cum laude.
  • From 2011/2012, I studied at ÉNS Cachan, and in July 2012, I completed two Bachelor of Science, one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science, both magna cum laude.
  • During two years, 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, I studied in Marseille, at Lycée Thiers, first in MPSI 2 and after in MP*1.
  • Before that, I lived in Briançon (Hautes-Alpes, France), and I got my scientific baccalauréat, with a major in maths and a minor in theater, in 2009.

A few words about me:

I like to walk, travel, go camping around France and Europe, mainly by using hitch-hiking. I also like using new technologies, and enjoy design small games, or tiny pieces of software or web content (for instance some nice javascript hacks), geeky tutorials (e.g. about ga-beacon, GNU/Nano, Wolfram|Alpha, Sublime Text 3 or git), or Linux command line tools (see this page for example).

A few words about this site:

I am working on this little website (currently, http://perso.crans.org/besson/) when I have the time, hoping it can be useful to someone. All the content of the website is (C) Lilian BESSON, and it is open source with the GPLv3 License. What means Open Source, explained with LEGO?. This site’s Google Analytics data suggest that some pages are indeed visited on a daily basis, so if you are here for something in particular, I hope you will not be disapointed (you can use this bug tracker to report any bug, or even to ask me anything).


Those web pages are still in construction! In particular, the English versions of each pages are not yet available. But, I’m working on it!


Contact me?

Feel free to contact me by the solution you prefer.

Some projects on-line

Some of my profile pages on some great website:

  1. either with my bitbucket account bitbucket.org/lbesson;
  2. or with my personal Wikipedia page User:Naereen;
  3. or on Transifex profile/Naereen (almost not used anymore).

MSc internship : “Towards modularity for planning and robot programs verification

I did a research internship for the third semester of my Maths MSc and CS MSc from 03 June to 09 August 2013.

I worked at UCL (University College of London), under the direction of Jules Villard (who quotes me on his new page, and Peter O’Hearn, about separation logic, planning in AI, and the study of modularity in those two domains.

My report (in English): rapportM1Info13.pdf, and my slides (in French): slidesM1Info13.pdf.

Mark:Jules gave me 19/20. I got the mark 17.7/20 from the Computer Science jury at ENS Cachan, and 18.50/20 from the Maths jury at ENS Cachan.